IPAA Structure

The SA Division of the Institute is managed by a Divisional Council, consisting of 7 elected and 2 nominated members. There is also a Executive Governance Committee who monitor IPAA’s financial performance and legal obligations.

The Executive of the Divisional Council is made up of the President, a Vice-President, a Secretary (Public Officer) and Treasurer. With the exception of nominated Councillors, Councillors are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a two-year term and serve until the second Annual General Meeting after their election when they retire. Each year approximately half the members of Council retire and their positions are filled at the Annual General Meeting.

The Council appoints a Executive Officer to oversee the management of the organisation (see Annual Report re staff structure).


From time to time the Council may invite eminent persons, not necessarily being members, to be Patrons or Vice-Patrons of the Division. Patrons have no voting powers and hold office for such period as the Council determines.

On November 30, 2011, IPAA SA's former President, Elaine Bensted (right), invited Premier Jay Weatherill (left) to become IPAA SA's Patron; an offer which he gladly accepted.

"I have long appreciated the important work that IPAA plays in the professional development of the South Australian Public Sector and am pleased to accept your invitation and become Patron of the Institute as Premier."

Premier Jay Weatherill