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Upcoming Events & Forums

Conferences, seminars, breakfasts, luncheons, workshops, round tables. IPAA hosts a wide range of events on the issues and challenges facing public sector employees today and tomorrow.

Our event program is varied and designed to appeal to public sector employees across the three jurisdictions. An unbiased environment for the public sector to interact, collaborate and share knowledge.

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As a State Government Employee you can benefit from the partnership arrangement that the Institute of Public Administration (IPAA) has with the State Government which awards you Corporate Membership status. This entitles you to free entry to most IPAA events and preferential rates on all courses within our 2013 Professional Development Schedule.

Feb 11

Tackling Budget Crises, Implementing Reforms: Lessons from the US Experience

Feb 11 Mental Health and the Workplace: Difficult Conversations
Mar 13 Mental Health and the Workplace: Bullying and Harassment: Definitions, Reasons and Strategies
Mar 14 Positive Psychology
2013 - 2014 DECD Exploring Innovation

More to come!

  • CE On the Couch Series.
Watch this space as details emerge!
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Past Events & Forums

Dec 09 Don Dunstan Oration 2013
Dec 02 SA Government Procurement Forum - ICAC and the OIA: What do they mean for Procurement?
Nov 29 Carnegie Mellon SA Government forum with Phil Bowen
Sep 19 Public Integrity Reform - Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC)
Sep 17 WHS Roles and Responsibilities for Officers
Jul 29 - Aug 30 ICAC/OPI Awareness Sessions
Aug 08 On the Couch CE Series with Rick Persse
June 20 On the Couch CE Series with Commissioner Gary Burns
June 19 Annual Economic Outlook Breakfast 2013
June 14 Transformational HR Conference 2013
May 23 On the Couch CE Series with Dr Campbell Gemmell
May 7 High Performance Framework (HPF) Seminar – Leadership
April 11 Mental Health and the Workplace Workshop Series
Feb 21 Better Outcomes for Lower Costs
Feb 5 Creating Productive and Healthy Organisations
Nov 8 Don Dunstan Oration
Nov 7 Mental Health and the Workplace
Oct 26 Innovation and Learning from Research
Turning Schooling on its Head and Moving into the Future with Learners at the Centre
Oct 2 Sir John Downer Oration
Sep 6 On the Couch with Michael Scherger
Aug 31 On the Couch with Valerie Hannon
Aug 30 Educating for the Future
Jul 31 Citizen Centric Community of Practice (includes presentations)
Jun 7 Across Government HR Forum
Modernisation of HR - HR 2015
(includes presentations)
Jun 5 Annual Economic Outlook Breakfast
May 22 Developing an Innovative and Continuous Improvement Culture (includes presentations)
May 8 Ethics in the Workplace (includes presentations)
Apr 3 Whipping posts and deniability: why failure can be a sign of success
Mar 27 On the Couch with Dr Jack Chow
Mar 6 A Focus on Customer and Citizen Participation and Partnerships (includes presentations)
Mar 5 Hour in the Room with Emma Lawson
Feb 9 On the Couch with Brett Rowse