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Leadership in Challenging Times

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IPAA SA in collaboration with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) brings you the third High Performance Framework (HPF) seminar – Leadership.

The previous seminars in 2012 focused on customer and citizen focused organisations, and innovation and continuous improvement. These successful seminars attracted over 1,000 public sector employees.

This seminar is the flagship of the series and will address the crucial HPF characteristic of Leadership; in particular ‘High performing organisations are well led’. The seminar presents a unique opportunity to hear from recognised leaders who will provide an insight to the factors in successful leadership.

Key note speaker, Tim Jarvis AM, is one of the world’s leading explorers and possesses an extraordinary adventure and leadership resume’. He is a best-selling author, film-maker and has a fascinating leadership story to tell.

This event will:

  • Provide insight into how leaders build trust and confidence among colleagues, the government, and the community
  • Identify the success factors behind well managed cultural change and collaboration
  • Illuminate the imperatives of leadership development
  • Demonstrate how leadership capability can be measured
  • Illustrate strategies for inspiring a workforce to embrace and actively contribute to achieving the organisation’s vision

The HPF Community of Practice is a space for all public sector employees who work in or have an interest in performance evaluation, innovation, leadership, or continuous improvement. The community maintains an online presence using SAGE, the SA Government’s collaboration platform, at www.sage.sa.gov.au/display/HPF. Please note that this space is only accessible through the SA Government’s network (StateNet).

For more information about the SA Government's High Performance Framework, please click on the following link: http://www.hpf.sa.gov.au


Image: Anthony McKee

Tim Jarvis AM, Expedition Leader, www.shackletonepic.com

Shackleton Epic Expedition Leader Tim Jarvis AM, is one of the world’s leading explorers and possesses an extraordinary adventure and leadership resume. He is also a best-selling author, film-maker and public speaker.

Jarvis has previously completed a re-enactment of Sir Douglas Mawson’s 1912 trek across Antarctica in an attempt to answer some of the questions and controversies surrounding Mawson’s tragic expedition. The best-selling book and award-winning documentary of the same name, Mawson: Life and Death in Antarctica (When Hell Freezes Over on UK Channel 4), is Jarvis’

account of the re-enactment and his struggles to overcome extreme isolation, physical deprivation and his own self-doubt. Jarvis is also the author of another best-selling book, The Unforgiving Minute, about his first three polar expeditions.

A senior associate of Sustainability for Australasia at Arup and Director of an outcome-focused environmental initiative Do-Tank, Jarvis is also a sustainability adviser on multilateral aid projects for the World Bank and AusAID. As an internationally certified environmental auditor Jarvis’ specialist disciplines include environmental auditing/site assessment, provision of sustainability advice, EIA preparation and review, natural resource management planning, and EMS design and implementation.

With Masters in both Environmental Science and Environmental Law, Jarvis is a 2009 Yale World Fellow and 2010 Member of the Order of Australia for “service to conservation and the environment, particularly through advisory roles to developing countries regarding land sustainability and resource management, as an explorer and to the community”.

Jarvis holds the record for the fastest unsupported journey to the South Pole and the longest unsupported journey in Antarctica in 1999.

Susan Close, Parliamentary Secretary assisting the Minister for the Public Sector

Susan Close is the State Member for Port Adelaide and was elected on the 11th of February 2012. Susan has lived locally on the LeFevre Peninsula for over ten years with Declan and her two children and is passionate about representing the people in their community. Before entering Parliament, Susan was a senior manager in the Environment Department. She has also previously worked at Adelaide University running student services and believes education is one of the best ways to transform people’s lives and give children the future they deserve. Susan has a long history of advocating for and supporting her local community.

  Leanne Ansell-McBride, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Leadership Development Centre

Leanne is currently the CEO of the Victorian Leadership Development Centre – a new Victorian public service organisation promoting the aspiration, growth and success of public sector leaders.  Prior to this role Leanne was the Assistant Commissioner, ATO People, at the Australian Taxation Office with responsibility for the design and implementation of workforce strategy to ensure the ATO’s diverse workforce of 22,000 staff has the capability and future bench strength to support the organisational vision and future directions. 

Over the course of her career, Leanne has worked across a wide range of human resource and people development areas in Australia, Asia and the UK, including national and international management roles at Westpac and HSBC and a consulting role at DDI, an international organisational development consultancy.  Leanne has an MBA and a Bachelor of Business (Economics).  Leanne brings to the CEO role extensive knowledge and experience in addition to her passion for developing leaders.
  MC: Erma Ranieri, Deputy Chief Executive, Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DIMTRE), Chief Executive of the Public Sector Renewal Program Taskforce.

As the former Executive Director (People and Culture) of PIRSA, Erma Ranieri led the agency’s change management and development agenda by addressing critical business issues such as the attraction and retention of people in a competitive labour market and creating value in an environment of competing stakeholder expectations.

In that role Ms Ranieri was often asked to provide leadership in events and is considered an inspiring, thought provoking and passionate speaker.

Erma is now Deputy Chief Executive, DMITRE, Chief Executive of the Public Sector Renewal Program, President of IPAA, and was awarded National Fellowship of the Institute in 2011.


Rick Persse, Chief Executive, Attorney-General's Department

Rick was appointed Chief Executive in August 2012.

He has significant public  and private sector experience, having worked in a variety of central and line agencies at senior executive levels and as the State Government and Health Leader for Big 4 Consulting firm, PwC.

Rick has deep experience in public sector issues/challenges around change, strategy and capability, risk, governance, project leadership and functional effectiveness. Rick has also significant experience with policy development and evaluation at a State and National level.