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ICAC/OPI Awareness Sessions

Justice Bruce Lander will  take office as South Australia's inaugural Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) on 1 September 2013 following his resignation from the Federal Court of Australia. The role of the Commissioner is to identify and investigate corruption in public administration, and prevent or minimise corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration.

The Office for Public Integrity is responsible to the Commissioner and is the central point of contact to receive and assess complaints and reports about corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration.

Further information can be found at www.icac.sa.gov.au.

The Institute of Public Administration  Australia  (IPAA)  has been appointed by the Public Integrity Reform (PIR) Project Team to schedule awareness briefing sessions on the role of the ICAC and the OPI. The PIR Project Team is charged with the task of putting in place the infrastructure, policies and procedures for the ICAC and OPI, and has arranged for members of the team to make presentations during August 2013.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn about ICAC's and OPI's functions and powers.   

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