About IPAA

The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) is the largest professional body for public sector employees in South Australia, representing almost half the workforce in this State.

The public sector contributes enormously to the prosperity and high living standards of South Australia. IPAA exists to support the efforts of this often ‘silent army’ by fostering positivity and creativity, and offering opportunities for sharing and learning through our wide range of events, training workshops and networking opportunities.

Our core aim, with the help of our members, is to make the public sector in South Australia a great place to work and enjoy a varied career.

Established in 1927, we are non-political and not-for-profit, catering across the State, Federal and Local spheres of Government. Our long history means we have support from many long-term members and contributors and our independence means we can deliver un-biased information and learnings from across the jurisdictions.

We are linked Australia-wide to IPAA divisions in each State and Territory, allowing us to bring knowledge of new practices from around Australia, and often, from overseas.

Our members enjoy a wide range of career benefits, as well as the knowledge that they are contributing towards their sector.

Invest in your career.
Join us today and help make the public sector a great place to work into the future.

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We are proud to announce the Hon Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia as IPAA SA’s patron.
Given the shared objectives of the Government and IPAA, namely to champion excellence in public administration and to provide leadership in the development of a high quality professional public sector, Premier Marshall has accepted the role of patron for IPAA SA.

Premier Marshall stated that he strongly supports IPAA SA’s agreement with the State Government and shares our commitment to enhancing the profile and work undertaken in the public sector and to encouraging research and debate on public administration issues.

IPAA SA President Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Erma Ranieri, has thanked the Premier for his enthusiasm, support and commitment to IPAA SA and public sector best practice.

Commissioner Ranieri hosted the Premier at his first Address to the SA Public Sector held in September 2018, where the Premier encouraged the public sector to  “Be open. Be honest. Be accountable. Be collaborative.”

We look forward to working with Premier Marshall as we support a strong and confident public sector.